Collaborative Support in Discovery, Incubation and Acceleration to SMEs and Start-Ups!

From June 2022 – June 2023 the INCORE Project will provide Collaborative Support in Discovery, Incubation and Acceleration to 22 selected SMEs/Start-Ups in the territories of the Azores, Canary Islands, Madeira and La Réunion.

This support will by provided by the partner Dr. Oliver Schwabe, External Post-Doc Scientific Researcher at IST (Instituto Superior Técnico – Portugal), under the the following structure:

Introductory call:

  • Initial assessment by Dr. Oliver on the current situation, objectives and needs.

3 sessions (2h):

  • Horizon Scan
  • Identification and Assessment of Business Ecosystem / Model
  • Determination of Desired Future State for Business Ecosystem / Model
  • Identification and Simulation of Pragmatic Actionable Interventions for Achieving the Desired Future State

These 2-hour workshops will enhance understanding of current state business activity from an ecosystem perspective; help define a desired future state; travel towards future state in a measurable manner; and develop insights into realistic high-value, low-effort funding opportunities.

If selected, the start-ups and SMEs will collaborate with INCORE by co-writing & submitting competitive EU funding proposal, and benefit from the high-level mentoring efforts by Dr. Oliver.


Contact your INCORE Partner University or Dr. Oliver Schwabe via to learn more!