Conclusion of Phase I

With the conclusion of 2021 activities, the INCORE project has reached the end of Phase I. In this first part of the project implementation (July-December 2021) the main objective was to conduct a complete assessment on the capabilities and potential of the involved HEIs, and the conditions to implement the actions on Phase II.

In addition, in Phase I the consortium focused on the identification of  the current needs and overall scenario within the Outermost Regions involved in the project (Azores, Madeira, Canary Islands and La Réunion). This task involved all regional partners, with the purpose of ensuring that local development can be implemented in alignment with the strategies of the different EITs – for example: EIT Climate, EIT RawMaterials, and EIT InnoEnergy.

The INCORE HEIs worked hard in the organization of several initiatives focused on entrepreneurship and innovation, with training events, workshops, and mentoring activities by experts. These initiatives addressed students, as well as academic staff and non-academic staff in these universities. Due to the current circumstances faced worldwide, some of the events were held online.

The INCORE team also offered support to start-ups of different sectors, with regards to financial, development of business plans, go-to-market strategies and other aspects of these companies. The experts from the INCORE consortium provided feedback and mentoring to overcome any bottlenecks encountered.

One INCORE Open Event was held at Universidade da Madeira (UMa), Portugal, in which students, teachers and the academic staff of UMa (in place) and an online audience (the Open Event was also broadcasted online) had the opportunity to learn more about INCORE and the added value that it will provide to Madeira and the other Outermost Regions involved in the project.

Finally, in order to prepare a transition from Phase I to Phase II, a roadmap was created based on the assessments on the conditions and needs from the HEIs and Outermost Regions to implement the future actions for 2022 and 2023.