INCORE partners in La Reunión: 2nd Open INCORE Regional Event / 24rd Plenary Meeting

The INCORE consortium met in La Reunión Island (France) on the week of 21-23 November 2022, with the purpose to fulfil the following milestones before starting the final semester of implementation: 1) the 2nd INCORE Regional Event (the 1st was in Madeira – Portugal, 2021); 2) 24rd Consortium meeting; and 3) Thematic workshops.

The first day of events happened on 21 November 2022, hosted by the partner École Supérieure d’Ingénieurs Réunion Océan Indien – ESIROI (Université de La Réunion). In this opportunity, external stakeholders from the island attended the open event to deliver high level presentations, including Ms. Rosanna West – EIT HEI Initiative Manager. In addition, the event counted with contributions from members of the Regional Council, companies, and representatives of local research & innovation initiatives.

The presentations and discussions were followed by a technical visit at ESIROI building and INCORE ESINOV spaces. After that, the meetings resumed with a roundtable to make an assessment of the past activities, and to provide guidance to proceed to next steps in the project.

The second day of meetings were dedicated to the consortium, for the 24th internal plenary meeting. In this opportunity the Work Package leaders presented their progress and future tasks, followed by feedback and discussions on how to align the work plan for the upcoming months, including the following topics:

  • Coordination activities
  • Training programmes for young entrepreneurs and start-ups
  • Development of new modalities for HEI-SME cooperation
  • Development of joint and individual actions for transformational change
  • Communication and dissemination management

The final day started with Rosanna West, who conducted EIT HEI Initiative workshop and ecosystem, from which recommendations were collected. The next section was led by Dr. Oliver Schwabe, the leader of the Call for Start-ups and SMEs to receive high level mentoring from INCORE expertise. Finally, the intensive three-day sequence of meetings, roundtables and workshops was concluded with a technical visit to OLICA – followed by the closing ceremony.

The video below documents some highlights of this event, check it out!